Staff Transportation in Dubai at Low Cost

Asia Star Passenger Transport stands as a leading staff transportation in Dubai service provider. We maintain a broad range of high-end buses, minibuses, vans, and minivans, designed to meet all your staff transportation needs. We are proud to serve every corner of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Jebel Ali, Fujairah, Al-Ain, and Ajman.

Our transport services are specifically tailored to your employees’ needs. Whether you need a 50-seat luxury bus for transporting a large group or a 30-seat minibus for a smaller team to a specific location in Dubai or Sharjah, we ensure the most efficient and economical transport solutions.

We offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services from your staff’s homes throughout the UAE. Available on a monthly basis, we strive to ensure that your employees arrive at their respective offices safely and punctually.

At Asia Star Passenger Transport, our hallmarks are safety, comfort, and affordability, and our reputation for top-tier transportation services reflects this. Choose us as your preferred staff transportation in Dubai provider, and let us manage your needs seamlessly.

Buses for Staff Transportation in Dubai

Luxury Coach

  • Capacity: 50 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 700-1,200
  • Weekly Charge: AED 5,800
  • Monthly Charge: AED 13,000-15,000

Luxury Bus

  • Capacity: 35 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 500-900
  • Weekly Charge: AED 4,400
  • Monthly Charge: AED 10,000-12,000

Mercedes Sprinter Van

  • Capacity: 12-18 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 1,200-2,200
  • Weekly Charge: AED 12,000
  • Monthly Charge: AED 40,000

Bus Charter

  • Capacity: 37 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 600-1,000
  • Weekly Charge: AED 4,600
  • Monthly Charge: AED 10,000-12,000


  • Capacity: 30 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 500-700
  • Weekly Charge: AED 4,200
  • Monthly Charge: AED 8,000-10,000

Mini Bus

  • Capacity: 14 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 400-700
  • Weekly Charge: AED 4,200
  • Monthly Charge: AED 7,000-9,000

7 Seater Car

  • Capacity: 7 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 400-800
  • Weekly Charge: AED 3,500
  • Monthly Charge: AED 6,000-8,000

8 Seater Mini Van

  • Capacity: 8 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 400-800
  • Weekly Charge: AED 3,500
  • Monthly Charge: AED 6,000-8,000

Mini Van

  • Capacity: 12 Pax
  • Daily Charge: AED 400-700
  • Weekly Charge: AED 4,200
  • Monthly Charge: AED 7,000-9,000

Staff Transportation Service: Insurance Coverage

Asia Star Passenger Transport is proud to offer a comprehensive insurance policy, encompassing all our buses and vans, including the passengers, driver, and the vehicle itself. This policy has been developed to uphold the highest levels of safety and is renowned as one of the most fitting insurance policies in the UAE.

At bus rental dubai, we appreciate the importance of respecting the laws and regulations of the UAE. Consequently, we ensure that all our clients who engage our staff transportation services receive a transportation experience that abides entirely by these regulations.

Our dedication to safety and regulatory compliance shines through our extensive insurance policy, offering an added degree of protection for all our passengers and vehicles. Opt for Asia Star Passenger Transport for your staff transportation needs, and have peace of mind knowing that your safety and adherence to regulations are our utmost priorities.

Booking Our Staff Transport Service: The Process

Asia Star Passenger Transport provides a straightforward booking system for our staff transportation services. Clients need only share the pick-up and drop-off times and locations for their staff members. Our experienced team, well-versed in managing extensive staff transportation in Dubai operations, will review your requirements and devise a complete schedule that guarantees punctual transport for your team.

Upon obtaining your needs, we pledge to supply a full staff transportation plan along with our service fees within 24 hours. Our commitment to transparency assures that you’ll be fully aware of our charges and services.

After confirming your booking, we will assign a well-maintained bus and professional driver to ensure your staff members arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Asia Star Passenger Transport takes immense pride in delivering top-tier staff transportation services with an emphasis on safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Contact us today with your transportation needs, and our team will furnish a free quote for our services. Opt for Asia Star Passenger Transport for a stress-free and reliable staff transportation in Dubai services.

Services for Various Departments

● Teaching Staff Transportation

Asia Star Passenger Transport excels in providing staff transportation services catering to various educational entities like schools, colleges, universities, and private and government institutions. Our services are customized to match the unique transportation needs of each institution, with a vast selection of buses and vans to choose from.

Whether your institution needs transport for a small group of employees or a large group of teaching staff ranging from 50 to 100 or more, we have the expertise and resources to offer an economical solution. Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and suggest an appropriate bus or van within your budget.

At Asia Star Passenger Transport, we appreciate the significance of punctuality in the daily transportation of teaching staff, and hence we supply professional drivers who ensure the teaching staff arrives on schedule every time.

Contact us today to reserve a bus or van for your teaching staff, and allow us to fulfill your transportation needs with our reliable and efficient services.

● Bank Staff Transportation

Asia Star Passenger Transport recognizes the specific needs of bank staff transportation, requiring a committed and reliable service for timely arrivals. Our services cater to banks all across the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, and Ajman.

If your bank staff lives in Sharjah and requires daily commuting to the office in Dubai, we have the solution. Our expert team will work closely with you to devise a comprehensive transportation plan that ensures all your bank staff members are transported punctually.

At Asia Star Passenger Transport, our priority is delivering premium staff transportation in Dubai services that emphasize safety, comfort, and efficiency. We offer a diverse range of buses and vans to cater to the unique needs of banks and assure economical solutions within your budget.

Contact us today with your requirements, and we will furnish a free quote for our services. Choose Asia Star Passenger Transport for a seamless and reliable transportation experience for your bank staff.

● Government Staff Transportation

Government departments in the UAE with large workforces may need to engage a private staff transport service. These departments could include human resources, legal affairs, and revenue collection, among others. We’re equipped to offer a complete transport schedule ensuring timely transport for all employees to their respective destinations. Regardless of the location – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, or any other major city in the UAE – we are prepared to deliver. Please provide us with your full requirements for a free quote today.

● Hospital Staff Transportation

Given the considerable number of hospitals and clinics in major UAE cities, an efficient staff transport service is essential. Each hospital may require four to five buses or more for doctors, nurses, technicians, IT staff, management staff, security staff, and cleaning staff, with each shift requiring a specific type of bus. A day shift starting at 8 am usually involves more staff members than a night shift, which has fewer personnel. Therefore, a comprehensive transport service meeting the needs of hospital staff timely and effectively is crucial.

● Hotel Staff Transportation

Typical hotels in the UAE operate with a daily workforce of at least 30-40 staff members, including support, administration, management, cleaning, food service, and more. Reliable transport service is vital for daily transportation needs. Our company offers a comprehensive transport service catering to specific hotel staff needs in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other major cities. We prioritize quality and assure that all staff members receive a punctual and efficient transport service.

● Office Staff Transportation

Companies with over 50 staff members are advised to engage a reliable staff transport provider for daily transportation. Specializing in passenger transportation services for numerous companies in Dubai, we offer various vehicles, including small vans, minibuses, and large buses with 50 or 53 seats. Our services cover various locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other major UAE cities. Contact us with your transportation requirements for a free quote.

● Labor Staff Transportation

Companies with a significant number of labor staff may need reliable staff transportation to facilitate workforce transport across the UAE. Our company offers a comprehensive service that allows pick-up from any UAE location and transport to specified destinations on a fixed schedule. Choose from our variety of buses available for rent, including 50-seater luxury buses, 35-seater luxury buses, 30-seater minibusses, 15-seater vans, and 8-seater vans, for a seamless staff transport service.

Staff Transportation in Dubai

staff trnasportation in dubai

Dubai, the dynamic metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, houses a diverse array of businesses and educational institutions, each with unique transportation needs. Asia Star Passenger Transport provides premier staff transportation in Dubai services, serving organizations of all sizes across various industries.

With our meticulously maintained fleet of buses and vans, and a team of professional drivers, we ensure timely, comfortable, and safe commuting experiences for your staff. From daily pick-up and drop-off services to one-off events or conferences, our flexible solutions cater to your specific requirements.

Prioritizing safety, comfort, and punctuality, we’ve built a reputation for reliable and efficient staff transportation services in Dubai. Whether you need to transport a small team or a large group, we’ve got you covered, providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. Choose Asia Star Passenger Transport for all your staff transportation needs in Dubai.

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