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Bus Rental in Dubai - Rent a bus with driver now!

Luxury and quality bus rental in Dubai at affordable prices!

Luxury Bus Rental, Minibus Rental, Dubai Tour Rentals, Party Bus Rental, School Bus Rental, Dubai Bus Charter and much more!

Require a Bus Rental Dubai service? Book within minutes!

Bus Rental in Dubai - Hire Luxury Bus with Driver at low cost

Asia Star is a leading bus rental Dubai service provider. We have been providing Bus Rental services in UAE for the past 17 years.  Our Bus Rental in Dubai provides services which includes luxury bus rental, minibus rental, party bus rental, school bus rental, 50 seater luxury bus rental, 35 seater luxury bus rental, coaster rental, luxury van rental and other rental services at a low cost. We provide these bus rental services for corporate events, business events, family trips, airport transfers, hotel transfers, Dubai City Tours, parties, schools and staff transportation.

Why hire a bus rental in Dubai?

1. Bus Rental in Dubai will make your journey convenient

Tourists visiting UAE in groups should get a bus rental in Dubai for their tours and trips because this service makes it very simple to keep a track of the passengers and their luggage. With large number of passengers, it will be inconvenient to have multiple cars because it will not only increase the efforts to organize everything but may increase the costs as well.

2. Bus Rental Prices are more affordable in Dubai

The average bus rental cost in Dubai is around AED 500-1000. The entire cost of trips is mainly dependent on fuel usage. With a single charter bus rental, the fuel usage will be minimized which will decrease the costs. Getting a bus rental in Dubai is your best option in terms of saving costs.

3. Bus Rental services are great for passenger safety

All Bus Rental companies in Dubai are looking to provide a professional service to the tourists. This is achieved by providing professional drivers and vehicles which are regularly inspected for maintenance and upgrades. These buses are kept clean and upgraded regularly which guarantees the safety of the passengers.

Are you considering to get a bus rental in Dubai?

As discussed above, renting a bus with driver in Dubai is very beneficial for your upcoming events and trips. If you are looking to travel with style and luxury in Dubai with your group, then you should hire bus rental services from the most experienced bus rental company in Dubai known as Asia Star Passenger Transport. We will provide you quality bus rental, minibus rental, and van rental services in Dubai. We will make your trip to Dubai a memorable one. Contact us now to rent a bus with driver in Dubai!

bus rental dubai

50 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

Capacity:                      49 Passengers

Daily Charge:               AED 500-1,000

Weekly Charge:        AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:      AED 6,000-8,000

bus rental dubai

35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

Capacity:                     34 Passengers

Daily Charge:               AED 500-1,000

Weekly Charge:       AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:     AED 6,000-8,000

luxury van rental in dubai

8 Seater Van Rental

Capacity:                     7 Passengers

Daily Charge:            AED 500-1,000

Weekly Charge:       AED 500-1,000

Monthly Charge:  AED 3,000-4,000

car rental in dubai

Capacity:                    4 Passengers

Daily Charge:              AED 200-300

Weekly Charge:        AED 500-1,000

Monthly Charge:    AED 2,000-3,000

coaster rental in dubai

30 Seater Bus Rental

Capacity:                   29 Passengers

Daily Charge:            AED 500,1,000 

Weekly Charge:      AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:     AED 4,000-5,000

bus rental in dubai

15 Seater Minibus Rental

Capacity:                   14 Passengers

Daily Charge:            AED 500-1,000 

Weekly Charge:      AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:     AED 3,000-4,000

bus rental dubai

34 Seater Minibus Rental

Capacity:                    33 Passengers

Daily Charge:              AED 500-1,000

Weekly Charge:       AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:      AED 4,000-5,000

rent luxury bus in UAE with driver

37 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

Capacity:                   36 Passengers

Daily Charge:            AED 500-1,000

Weekly Charge:     AED 1,000-2,000

Monthly Charge:    AED 4,000-6,000

Luxury Van Rental

Capacity:                    7 Passengers

Daily Charge:          AED 500-1,000 

Weekly Charge:       AED 500-1,000

Monthly Charge:  AED 3,000-2,000

Bus Rental in Dubai - Asia Star Passenger Transport

Asia Star is the most experienced bus rental service provider in Dubai. We provide quality and luxury bus rental Dubai service with professional drivers at cheap prices. Our bus rental company is available across all cities of UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Hatta, and Fujairah. We have cars, vans, minibuses, and bigger buses to satisfy your needs and transportation requirements. Our vehicles are driven by drivers who have a driving experience of over 10 years in UAE.

Whether you want to rent a luxury bus with driver, or require a minibus rental service, Asia Star Passenger Transport has you covered with some of the best rental rates in Dubai. Our company is locally licensed, insured, and most reputable bus rental service provider. Our customers choose us every time due our knowledge and experience in UAE.

Our fleet includes buses which will fulfill any of your requirements for 53 seater bus rental, 50 seater luxury bus rental, 40 seater bus rental, 37 seater bus rental, 35 seater bus rental, 34 seater minibus hire, 30 seater minibus hire, luxury van, 15 seater van rental, 8 seater luxury van rental, and more. Our buses are neat and clean, luxurious and exotic, and managed by experienced drivers. If you are looking for a private bus rental Dubai company which will provide you quality and luxury both. Asia Star Passenger Transport should be your first choice! 

Our Dubai Bus Rental Services

Asia Star Passenger Transport & Bus Rental provides a variety of different Dubai bus rental services for different business and corporate events. Whether you require a party bus rental Dubai or a Luxury minibus hire service with driver, we offer transportation and bus rental for all your needs.

We have been serving the tourists in UAE since 2005. Head over to our fleet to view the most stylish and affordable bus rental options options in Dubai. Whether you need a luxury van for airport pickup or want to rent a private party bus to celebrate a birthday, we have you covered.

Our luxurious fleet is available with experienced drivers for airport pickup/drop off services, tour rental services, staff transportation services, corporate travel services, buses for events, and more!

If you are not sure which type of vehicle suits your needs for an event or staff transportation, then give us a direct call today. Our Dubai Bus Rental expert team will provide you the information you need and handle everything for you.

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Our Approach To Bus Rental in Dubai:

Lowest Price in Dubai

Simple Booking Process

Luxury Bus Rental

Accredited Business

We provide luxury Bus Rental and Minibus rental services for:



Tourist Groups

Airport Transfer

Hotel Transfer


Colleges & Universities

Government Departments

School Transport


Corporate Events

Sporting Events

Staff Transport

Party Bus Rental

Shuttle Services

At, our quotes include vehicle, parking, driver, fuel, insurance and all vehicle costs, which gives our customers a stress-free travelling experience and more time to plan their events, tours, and trips. The bus rental service of Asia Star allows customers to book a trip to any city in the UAE in safe and reliable manner with local buses and minibuses, experienced local drivers who are knowledgeable about UAE locations. If you are visiting Dubai with your family then our luxury van hire service or luxury mini bus hire service will be ideal for your tour trips in the UAE!

bus rental in dubai
bus rental in dubai

Our bus rental company provides a safe and reliable bus rental services to customers at affordable prices. The main goal of is to provide the lowest cost Bus Charter Rental and Minibus Hire prices in all the cities of UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Hatta, and Khor Fakkan.

Bus Rental UAE is the most reliable and cheap bus rental in Dubai for tourists visiting UAE with families or groups.

We provide luxury buses for rent and minibus rental which includes the driver. Our bus hire rates and minibus hire rates are the lowest in UAE!

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Why hire Bus Rental Dubai services from us?

Safe & Luxurious

The safety of our passengers is a priority. We provide top-quality bus rental services in terms of safety and luxury. Our vehicles are managed by professional drivers and kept clean at all times.

Experienced & Reliable

Asia Star is the most experienced Dubai Bus Rental service provider in the UAE. We have been delivering transportation services all over UAE since 2005. We are a leader in the transport industry and expert at providing adventures rides to our customers.

Affordable prices

We provide top-class and luxury bus rental services at affordable prices in the UAE. Hire luxurious transportation services in the UAE to enjoy your vacations and get the real value of your money.

Luggage Security

Our luxury buses and minibus have the capacity to accommodate luggage (bags, hand bags) safe and securely. Your luggage will be transported safely to your destination. Luggage security package comes as well.

Quick booking service

Rent a bus with a driver anywhere in the UAE within minutes. Our customer service is fast and reliable. Give us a phone call directly or send us your requirements through email.

Available all over UAE

We provide bus rental services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Hatta, Khor Fakkan, and Ajman. Hire bus or minibus in Dubai or other parts of UAE at any time. Give us a call to book bus in any part of UAE.